byejoe is the spirit of china, a modern revolution in asian-fusion mixology.

byejoe is artfully distilled in the East using the finest red sorghum, and skillfully refined in the West using revolutionary patented technology. The result is an alluring ultra premium spirit that's smooth and sophisticated for contemporary tastes. Enjoy byejoe as you like it – on the rocks, in shots or your favorite fusion cocktails. And get ready to experience the new spirit of china.
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cup of joe
1.5 oz byejoe red
1.0 oz Starbucks coffee frappaccino
0.5 oz Frangelico
0.5 oz Crème de Cacao
14 drops Bittermens Orange Citrate

Shake for 10 seconds and fine mesh strain into small martini glass.
Coffee, hazelnuts, and chocolate, just pretend its your morning coffee.
Let the dragon loose with this tantalizingly sweet and spicy spirit. If you've never had the treat of mixing dragon fruit and hot chilis together, you're in for an wild ride. Enjoy with friends, family and anyone who wants to add a bit of spice in their life. Who doesn't?